Saturday, 21 May 2011

music poster

My son's friend is in a band called Rescue so I chose to do a poster for them and a mythical gig at our local music pub The Horn (it was the Horn of Plenty in my day but everything is subject to cuts at the moment)
I did my brainstorming in my sketchbook forgetting that it would be difficult to read when photographed (I'm still having computer problems) so I've inked over my writing to try and make it clearer. Henry the dog was posing for me at the same time and crept in too......
I looked online for ideas for my moodboard

and on the way discovered Waldemar Swierzy who is truly amazing

I did some reference drawings of suitable musicians
and some ideas on the theme of Rescue
My thumbnails were done in an old scrapbook, I like the cheap coloured paper. I find it difficult to do small meaningful thumbnails, working larger makes me free-er and more inventive

 I thought about a graphic based idea with The Horn being Rescued or The Horn rescuing Rescue (if you see what I mean) Or ideas based around a Horn                        (I'm having some technical difficulties with the blog layout here please bear with me)

What I liked was the band grouped together like the cartoon characters The Rescuers combined with a lifebelt
I had to do some reference drawings to get the right image for the reaching hand

I like the energy of the charcoal and coloured pencil sketch but it wasn't clear enough for the finished poster so I did another more careful layout
to which I added colour
Our scanner still won't work with the main computer but my daughter Lisa came to my rescue and scanned my poster properly :-)

which meant I could add proper computer generated lettering and play around a bit with the colour scheme
 one of the band members always wears a green cap which I included to make it Rescue rather than a generic band however the green is out on it's own in the colour scheme. I don't like the green background
and black lacks punch so I'm sticking with a white background
This is my final poster (please don't turn up on the 29th July I made it up!)