Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Character development 2 Eliza

Eliza is loud bold confident glamerous everything I would like to be if I had the time and the energy and the personality....

Studies from similar characters in the paper.
Then studies from my imagination

Her feet were her weak spot so I did some practice
Then did the 360degree mock up using pastel pencils because I think they worked well for Superdad,

Finally Eliza in action....

The scanner has changed her hair colour each time!
The problem with Eliza was she was supposed to be a real, believable character not a spoof like Superdad and that gave me less to work with. Because she's so "perfect" she's boring and doesn't get up to much that I could draw. Or maybe I just didn't have the imagination/inspiration with her..

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Character Development "Super Dad"

I have a problem with decision making, so give me a free choice (of characters) and I am stopped in my tracks with indecision. To break the creative block I started with Superdad who was an idea I had ages ago but never followed through.

Superdad is balding and a little overweight, he wears a white shirt and suit trousers. In my head he's always just got in from work, his briefcase is always close by. He's managed to put on a chefs stripy apron and is permanently holding a baby and/or toddler
He looks a bit neanderthal here
 studies for his face
I felt I needed to explore how he works in action so here he is in the kitchen

Needs some colour

but this looks weak. I'm not good at colour
so I tried to be bolder
and had a go with acrylics
but I think I'm better with pastel on coloured paper. It is a bit wishy-washy

though it improves with a bit of computer manipulation

Character Development

It doesn't look impressive but it's taken me ages to assemble this crowd...