Monday, 17 October 2011

Visual Distortion Part 3

I'm not really satisfied with the images so far for this project so I returned to it once more following up the newspaper cat theme. Based around the fact that the newspapers were rubbish.
I'm really not sure where this idea is going or if it still fulfils the original brief but it's here for you to consider as an idea

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Visual Distortion part 2

From my ideas I think this has the most distortion

So here is my drawing
The problem is he isn't doing very much. I think of him as old and cracked so my first idea was to set him amongst younger cats.

Sorry you have to twist to view these there seems to be a bug with uploads from my phone

Or to have him as an elder mythical figure or ghost

I think the additional  characters show more distortion that the cat that I have worked up, maybe the process has made me loosen up?

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Visual Distortion

I'm doing this course because the alternative is to sit at home and draw my dog and cats so I have no shortage of models. I'm interested in movement so I went for this top sketch as my original with the lower 2 being 5 lines (count them!) and one line (to loosen me up)
My problem is that I'm quite a literal person. the only way I distort things is with difficulty with a pencil so the early collages weren't really following the brief
using newspaper
with added line (not very distorted)
using coloured paper from human faces - creepy but I quite like the effect, looks a bit siamese
cutout from stripy paper
looks better with a tail, scanned from the other side and with a little paintshop modification for the colour. Problem is it still isn't distorted...
so I tried scrunched up tissue paper in an old scrapbook
which I modified with paintshop

a bit more distortion
I tried simple collage without worrying too much about colour on an old piece of paper so that I wasn't too precious about it

 I then doodled an outline with Paintshop
and twiddled with colour. The original was a flyer in the paper for holidays (I think) it looks tartan which is a very unexpected effect!
then I tried stripes of tissue paper over a rough charcoal outline. I like this!

to which you can add Paintshop colour..

or you can cut the original out and scan it with some nice coloured paper behind

to which you can add colour. (It's become a bit sterile)