Sunday, 14 September 2014


One of my tutors suggestions was to draw existing designs as an exercise in improving my understanding of layout, particularly combining images and text. I sat down last night and started with packaging. Some of the items don't have images and text and I think he wanted me to take a wider view with posters and other graphic design but I was having fun so I stuck with packaging for a start.
It's an exercise I would recommend to anyone with an interest in design. I noticed things about the packaging that I had never seen before like the way the Lyle in Tate and Lyle reflects the Tate. I've left the bottom right hand corner empty so that I can use it as a cover for my submission.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Abigails party - again....

After a bit of a gap to think about things and some more tutor feedback I'm back again with this assignment. My tutor suggested I looked at the lovely Typography Sketchbooks which is really inspiring. He also felt that my approach to graphic design lacked integration between the images and the text. I think my hand drawn graphics have been the most successful so back to to the drawing board...

 I quite like this idea but it's not right yet
Playing with colour here but I stopped because I thought I could do better
 After pages of doodles like these I came up with this which I think has the feel I'm looking for
 I added more hand drawn lettering to give this template
 and added colour

I think the multicoloured background works best as it makes the text stand out, Unfortunately if I try and do it in too high resolution my computer has a fit and crashes.

Using this as my main design the other tasks look like this;
 For the flyer I think it works best to keep the back page the same
and I have only changed the front of the program as I think conventional fonts are easier to read

this is the newspaper advert, it seems to have lost some clarity in the transfer to the blog

This is a little bit clearer